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The illusive inbox zero

So last week I told you exactly why I think you should stop using Ok let me be a bit more specific. I didn't tell you why you should stop using it - I told you exactly what things you should think about if you do decide to continue using it. And I gave you...

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The most effective way to manage your email

Not so long ago, I wrote a post about an email roll-up service called At that time, I thought it was GREAT! It's since been discovered that this service is actually SELLING user's data! There's been a lot of back and forth in my business community where...

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Imagine Getting everything Done – EASILY

How do I get so much done each day? I wake up early and I'm SUPER organised. How do I wake up early? I go to bed early! It's all about priorities. I've always been an early bird. I'm happy to get up early as long as I'm able to go to bed early. I use checklists like...

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Hacking your life with checklists!

Please tell me what the point is of doing the same thing over and over again, and using your brain day in and day out to remember exactly the same thing each and every day? Yep - it's pointless. Why would you have a standard list of things you always do of an evening...

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What the Titanic can teach you about Focus

Find it hard to focus? Loving sight of your goal faster than a sinking ship? Here's how to snap out of it.   Transcription Hi there this is Christina and today I am going to talk about focus. Now without trying to sound like a fuddy duddy I think in this day and...

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CRAVE Formula for Managing Your Time

Ever felt like you could be better at managing your time? Transcription Hi there this is Christina and today I want to talk about time management. Yes that sounds so boring, so do you think you need to go get your pillow and have a glass of warm milk before we talk? ...

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Setting Goals – And Guaranteeing Achievement!

How often do you set your yearly goals, then find that somehow - somewhere along the line - they fall by the wayside? Here's the goal setting formula I use. It ensures goals are obtainable right from the word 'go'! AND This is my first video post! 🙂 Transcription Hi...

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52 Week Savings Challenge

If you want to save $1,378 in 2016 with minimum fuss - here's how! My (free) templates are below! This is a fun challenge - I did it last year and loved it! There are 2 ways of doing this. You can either: start with $1 a week and then pay increasing amounts each week;...

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My new obsession – analog in a digital world!

Have you heard of Bullet Journalling? Well it's changed my LIFE! I love working online, I love Evernote, I love all things tech - but I miss pen and paper! I also miss just simply being able to write stuff down whenever I want. Bullet Journaling was developed by Ryder...

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