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Your Productive Day

Yes, you can go from CRAZY BUSY and running around like a headless chicken to having your life and business UNDER CONTROL in less than 30 days.

Even if you’ve got so much on your plate and you’re the busiest person in the world

Even if you know you’ve tried everything (but had no results)

Even if you have literally no spare time and no budget

Even if you think that everything’s got to be done perfectly, it’s got to be done by YOU, it’s got to be done NOW (and therefore your conclusion to date is that you’ll never get everything done until they invent human cloning)

Even if it hurts your brain to think about the jumbled mess of tasks in your head – not to mention your out of date (or non existent) to do list!


Banishing Busy

Are you feeling scattered and foggy? Constantly distracted? No focus or attention span to speak of? Lacking consistency? Literally so much to do and so little time?

Is your catch-cry always “I’m too busy” yet you seem to accomplish nothing but ‘busywork’?

Let’s knuckle down and focus on YOU. Your story, your tasks, your schedule, your ‘must dos’, your timings, you family, your health – your EVERYTHING.

Everything you want to fit into a day but can’t.

Everything you want to focus on but keep on missing.

Let’s work one on one. Nut out your goals. Work out your priorities. Re-jig your schedule.

All so that you’re empowered to then structure your day EXACTLY as you’ve dreamed. By Banishing Busy, you’ll be able to do more than you’ve ever thought possible, automated everything, delegated the stuff you hate, learned how to say ‘no’ and quite simply matched your perfect day to your actual day. Join me here if you’re ready to Banish Busy.

$497 $397 USD

Taming Technology

People need to see your face, they need to read your words, they need to feel they can trust you before they’ll come running with money in hand. But FIGURING out how to create that online presence? Well, it’s enough to make you cry.

Seriously. I know how painful it is.

So I created the Taming Technology course to take you from ZERO to full-fledged, online PRO in less than a month. And you won’t die in the process. Kidding. No, really, you won’t. And you won’t feel like you need to.

This course is 10 modules that will take you from buying your domain name, carrying you through setting up sales pages that are full-on money-makers, to setting up your own drip ecourse with Paid Memberships Pro.

Non-techy ladies, no problem. The playing field has just been leveled. Everything you’ll need, without being at the mercy of a web developer.

Be in full control of your site and walk away with PRIDE!

$247 AUD (including GST for Australian residents) USD conversion.

Autopilot Academy

Do you need more hours in the day so that you can get everything done?  Longing to feel in control? What more can I say about this baby of mine? This is the place where you get to take back control of all the chaos in your life.

Learn to:

    • Minimise (or completely remove) distractions so you actually CREATE and make money
    • Stop wasting time and start utilizing the minutes you do have
    • Dissolve procrastination so that book FINALLY gets written
    • Set your goals, and know exactly what you need to do in order to achieve them – step by step and go to bed having ticked off all the important boxes
    • Plan your day so you get everything done that you need to get done
    • Remove all that rubbish from your head and get it out in a methodical, structured and trackable way! Yes – being allowed to forget everything you know!
    • Declutter and simplify your life so autopilot becomes breezy
    • Know exactly what stuff to continue doing yourself – and what stuff you can give away to someone else to do – NO guilt required!
    • Know what to do – and when!
    • Be clear on your boundaries so you never give away another minute of your time for nothing

Autopilot Academy allows you to create time, get EVERYTHING done, and puts your goals? In your hands. Join me. $19 a month and your life and your time will belong to you again.

Get Your Act Together

Those women you see online – with the huge smiles, the smiling kids, and the travel itinerary posted every other day on Facebook?

You’re about to become one of them.

We are going to take that scattered mess of a life – no offence, you know it’s true, or you wouldn’t still be reading 😉 – and streamline every facet of it so your new systems and processes put you on top of the world. Almost literally.

Stop thinking about things that drain your wallet and start focusing on the things that matter to your business most, your craft.

No sweating a bazillion emails coming in, requesting your time.

No unnecessary follow up emails.

Your hands will be off of every possible automation in your business and your life. World domination?… Absolutely!

To apply, contact me.

$3000 $2,500 AUD (including GST for Australian residents) – payment plans available. USD conversion.