So I’ve been going on and on about freeing up time and creating space for yourself, but guess what?

I’m not really sure I’ve been taking enough notice of my own message!

I’m literally a workaholic sometimes! I have so much trouble stopping and resting, always feeling like there’s something I should be doing and like I have ants in my pants!

doctorI’ve just launched my first course, Taming Technology. I have absolutely adored the process, but am exhausted. And feel like I’ll continue being exhausted until the course is over. Given its a beta round, there will always be bugs, and bugs need to be fixed. After all, that’s what beta is, right?

I decided last weekend that I’d have some rest time. Saturday morning came and went with me stuck in the computer. As did Saturday afternoon. As did part of Sunday morning.

I think I rested (i.e. spent time ‘ sans keyboard’) for about 2 hours Saturday and same with Sunday. Mind you I did spend those 4 hours or so doing an American Horror Story (Freak Show) marathon, so they were well spent!

Ok back to the story. I love creating this course. Everything about it is fantastic. I love the slides, the videos, the chatter, the creation of a new baby (I.e. tech infrastructure for businesses that are new to coming online) and most of all, love the confidence it’s given to my students.

But lets not pull any punches – it’s exhausting. And creation like this takes time. A lot of time.

So there really are some lesson here.

  1. Sometimes we need to step back and really look at our own message and ask ourselves if we’re taking our own advice.
  2. Even though we might LOVE what we’re doing, downtime is always necessary. Always.
  3. Being perfect isn’t necessary. Or expected.
  4. Being 100 paces ahead of where you really need to be is not necessary, or expected. Yes it’s great to be prepared, organised and ready. ABSO-BLOODY- LUTELY. But you don’t need to be so ready that you’re light years ahead, if you really are due for a break. Just stop!
  5. Things happen. People forgive. No one expects you to be perfect. If there’s one part of the video where your hair looks silly – don’t worry about it! If the video’s perfect except for the ambulance siren that lasts for a few seconds – don’t worry about it! No one expects this to be perfect!

Until next time