So I was out shopping the other day whilst away on my holiday in Bali, doing that thing we either love or hate – buying a new dress!

I love shopping, by the way, except for on ‘fat’ days. Then I hate shopping.

I digress. Well, only slightly.

So there I was, in the middle of gorgeous Bali, looking at this dress, and doing what I always do. Firstly, look at the price and second, look at the size. Sometimes it’s the other way around…..anyway, as long as I know the price and the size, I’m sweet!

So the price – $29. (I was in Bali! You can get great bargains there!) Ok. That’s fantastic!

The size? “One size fits all”.

one size fits all


Does it? So help me to understand this…..Something that fits a person weighing 90 pounds would also fit a person weighing 150 pounds and again also fit another person weighing 300 pounds? A dress that fits a petite Balinese lady will also definitely fit me?

I don’t think so!

That got me thinking about getting organized. Guess what? It’s exactly the same.

1. There is no ‘one size fits all’. “One size fits all” is a fallacy, both when it comes to dress shopping, and when it comes to getting organized.

So here are another 4 things your professional organizer won’t tell you.

2. There is no ‘quick fix’. Contrary to popular belief, clearing out your closets does not make you an organized person. Why were the closets cluttered in the first place? How long will they stay clutter free?

3. There’s no ‘best way’ to sort things. This is incorrect and a sure-fire way to set people up to fail. Let’s use a jewellery box as an example. If I tip my entire jewellery box onto the bed and try to ‘sort’ it out, there are many ways it can be done. I can sort by type. (i.e. put all the earrings together, all the necklaces together, all the bracelets together). I can sort by make. (i.e. put all my pure gold together, all my sterling silver together, all my costume jewellery together). I can sort by colour (i.e. all my red beads/earrings/bracelets/necklaces together, all my black beads/earrings/bracelets/necklaces together). Sorting is a very personal thing. The KEY to finding the best way to sort your things is to find what makes sense to YOU, what resonates with YOU and what’s sustainable for YOU. Not something someone else thinks you should do

4. Being tidy is not the same as being organized. You could have an immaculate chest of drawers, yet your schedule could be in turmoil. All the clothes in your closet could be colour coded beautifully, but your appointments are all written on sticky notes that are constantly getting lost.  Which leads us nicely to our last one….

5. There are various different Organization Personality types. All disorganized people are not alike. My Organization Personality quiz can help you find out your type.

Until next time