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About and Contact

Your to-do list of approximately 8,679 items is out of control and you’ve finished exactly three items on it since you started a month ago.

SO many things to do. Work, business, family, friends – not to mention even dreaming of setting aside any time for yourself!

“Full” is not even CLOSE to describing your hands – or your head.

That’s why things get forgotten.

That’s why people chase you up.

Then you end up feeling bad because you look unkempt, un-put together.


That’s not how you want to feel.

You want to feel full of that flow that happens when everything runs like a well oiled machine. Because THAT FEELS SOOO GOOD.

THAT makes you feel like the CEO – of your own life!

And you know what?

THAT’S the difference between ok days and great days.

My calling in this life is to take everything that is pulling your brain in a million different directions and simplify it so that you have your life running on autopilot – easily and smoothly.

A system where everything in your universe works seamlessly together.

I LOVE checklists, spreadsheets, project plans, task list, productivity apps and all things organisation!

I’m part project manager, part health and fitness nut, part organisation queen, part technology nerd and part Egyptian goddess wannabe!

And I’m here for you.

There’s room in your life to create processes and procedures – “life hacks” – that you feel like you’re able to automate at the touch of a button, not requiring constant attention by your own brain and your own busy hands.

Let me help you put these into place and watch what happens to your creativity, your energy, your SELF-IMAGE.

I’ve been at this for over 14 years in the corporate world, managing projects for multi-million dollar government and corporate organisations. But you know what? I was sooooo good at being productive, so efficient, so organised, I didn’t have time for anything else.

I was working in my dream job. But my reality was burnout City. Population – me. So I walked.

I wanted to reclaim my sanity, my time, my health and fitness and create a business that takes women in that same stage of life I was in and flips everything so as to show that you CAN have what you want AND make time to care for yourself and for the things in life that matter most to you.

Let’s get this stuff done.

You can mould and fashion a life that allows you to get everything done and create space for yourself WITHOUT leaving half your hair on the floor or ending the day in a flood of tears.




Check out my Release the Chaos page to find out how you and I can make great magic happen in your business, or fill out the form below if you have questions and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

Can’t wait to meet you!