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How to use simple, proven systems to earn back hours every day – in 28 days or less

Without losing your mind, your personality or your freedom.

Even if you’ve never had your act together before

Even if you’re perpetually disorganised

Even if there are some days where you have literally zero energy

So that you can finally go out for that drink, go to the gym, get together with your friends or just NETFLIX AND CHILL

Without your life falling to pieces.

Are You….

Are you always ‘all about work’?

Are you constantly ‘on the go’?

Do you always put yourself last?

Do you rarely find time to look after your health and fitness because other priorities (or lack of energy) always gets in the way?

Does it seem like your body forces you to stop by making you sick?

Even when sick, do you still feel like you should be running around doing stuff?

Do you fritter away hours scrolling through Facebook or Instagram in your spare time when you know you should be doing other things but you just can’t find the energy?

Does your mind go 100 miles an hour even when you’re supposed to be sleeping?

Do you always have that feeling of dread? Of “I’m not sure how long I can sustain this for”?

Do you have all your fingers in all of the pies?

Are you a solopreneur who’s suddenly starting to get really busy, yet you’ve not set yourself up to be scalable and you have no idea what to delegate or to whom?

Are you running a team with no idea who should be doing what, and everyone working ‘willy nilly’ without proper structure, processes or accountability?

By Banishing Busy, you might just find yourself….

With more time on your hands

Being able to stop and take a break (whenever you wanted to) without things falling apart

Being able to work in harmony with your energy levels. Some days you’re a well oiled machine, other days you’re resting and relaxing – yet stuff is still getting DONE!

Making more money in your business. After all, the more you can focus on income generating activities instead of ‘busy-work’ – the more money you’ll make – right?

Processes and procedures that hold you in good stead (and that can run on autopilot) whether it be in your business or your personal life

Making and prioritizing time for YOU. To exercise, to eat healthily, to go to a class, to see your friends (or alternatively to NOT see your friends and hang out alone!) Quite simply you can make time to spend it however you please

Knowing exactly what to do and when in order to go from DREAM to ACHIEVED!

Hi I am Christina

Business and Project Manager, Time Management Strategist and lover of all things organization.

I help busy women create TIME and get everything you want to get done DONE – even if you lack energy or are drowning in overwhelm.

My productivity and time management tips have been featured in multiple publications. I’m so happy to share with you all the tips, tricks, templates, processes and hacks I’ve learned in my 14 years as an IT Project Manager for multinational, billion dollar organizations.

My specialty is being able to see your big picture goal – the smaller steps needed to get there – and subsequently turn your dream into reality via easy to use systems and processes.

Introducing Banishing Busy Schedule Makeovers

If you’re feeling like….

Your brain is scattered and foggy

You’re overwhelmed

You’ve been organized in other environments but now you’re not

You can’t find a process that works to plan your days, weeks or months

You’ve not found the illusive balance between developing your future focus versus core day to day activities

You don’t know what to do and when

Your to dos are all over the place

You spend lots of time doing ‘busy-work’ yet achieving nothing

If you’d rather feel like….

You can weed out distractions

You can focus on what’s important

You can identify the tasks that need to be worked on now (and those that don’t!)

You’ve locked in time to get the important stuff done

You’re days are accountable and trackable

You make productive use of time

You have scheduled slots for all your tasks

You’re EMPOWERED with your time


Then Banishing Busy is for you

What if you had a solution tailored to you?

By being strategic with your time, your life will change so that you can….

Know what to do, when to do it and who should be doing it

Decrease that ‘last minute’ stress

Stop being late to ALL your appointments!

Learn how to use procrastination to your advantage and how to beat it at its own game!

Establish boundaries in your work and personal life – without feeling stressed about them

Structure your time so that you get everything you want to get done – DONE!

Achieve more in one hour than most people do in a day

Understand exactly how you’re spending your time now, how you’d like to be spending your time – and the path to take you from your CURRENT to your DESIRED day

Set aside time for YOU.


These sessions include….

A full assessment of your current day, your desired day and a full roadmap of exactly how to get from CURRENT to DESIRED

A custom schedule makeover that depicts exactly how everything can fit together in your new life

One-on-one sessions that help you put everything into action and that keep you on track and accountable

Copies of all my blueprints, checklists and templates that I use on a day to day basis

VIP email access to me whenever you need it

Banishing Busy can ensure you’re finally ‘getting your act together’. With my help, you will….

Get all the rubbish out of your head (and the weight off your shoulders) and onto paper – manageable, realistic, trackable, accountable and DO-ABLE!

Schedule in time for yourself

Decrease your stress and anxiety around getting stuff done

Stop chasing your tail or living your life like a hamster on a wheel

Achieve your goals instead of perpetually doing ‘busy-work’ yet finishing nothing

Understand how to manage your time EVEN IF your energy levels are sometimes RUBBISH!

Know what to delegate and what to ditch

Supercharge your focus and productivity

Feel that illusive BALANCE that you haven’t felt for quite a while!

What People Are Saying

“I had no hesitations in working with you – your impressive resume and years experience were mindblowing!

Since our session, I’ve improved my productivity. I’ve got a better understanding of where I waste time, and now have some steps that I can take to improve my work/life balance.

I don’t want to spend all day on my computer, and with a few tweaks, I’m finishing tasks faster than ever. Thank you!”


Founder and Recipe Evolutionist, Vegie Head

“Our session was like chatting to an old friend, you had some great tips and also reassured me that I’m more organised that I may think I am! You gave me suggestions that I could implement straight away and also some bigger picture ideas for me to streamline things down the track.

By making some small changes I now feel I have more of a team around me to give support with what I have coming up. I feel like I have really taken on the CEO mindset that I need in order to achieve my goals.”


Holistic Health & Business Coach, The Fabulous Woman Project

“I feel more comfortable around my process of being productive and getting done the things I need to from a more creative and visual perspective. The Time Tracker was a very useful tool to see exactly where my energy was being spent.

Christina has an infectious personality, a cool demeanor and a way of making me feel comfortable – and we had a lot of laughter! Between her newsletter content – and the results of the time tracker – I’m managing my own expectations better and not being overly hard on myself when I don’t get all the things done!”


Passion Ignitor, Creation Begins

“Honestly, with 5 pages of suggested tools, resources and processes, I just started with the ones that leveraged my time the best, which in turn gives me more time to work on some of the other suggestions.

Just one piece of automation software (non expensive) has literally changed my business!

I love Christina’s honesty, and she was able to interpret what was important for me as a business owner, as well as what is important to my clients – streamlining some aspects of client management so I could spend more time on other areas that would be more appreciated by my clients.”


Creative Director, Krush Design Co

“Working with you was a wonderful, enlivening and enriching experience, a personal journey, not just about filing and sorting your stuff into categories.. but being in a program where you work directly with the person’s personality, goals and wishes.

We linked getting organised to a sense of personal purpose. We found ways to keep my brain engaged when it fully hates trying to be organised in general.

Your program is amazing and I talk to people about it all the time, saying that if they ever need to get organised, you are the person to go to.”


Acupuncturist, Sage Andreasen

“I’ve tried working on my schedule before but it didn’t work. I didn’t think you’d have any special methods for me. Since we worked together, though, I’ve found peace of mind, the ability to shut off after 5pm, and best of all, a schedule that empowers me to get everything that’s important to me – done!

I really liked your patience and kindness and I now have hope about reclaiming my time. Actually since we worked together I’ve already reclaimed some of my ‘life time’ in general and it’s awesome!

I’d recommend you and your services to others – you’re considerate about everyone’s individual needs and you offer multiple solutions and work with them so they can find the best one for them.”


Personal Business Strategist, Isimemen

Still Have Questions?

I don't know you from a bar of soap. Is there a way I can get to know you better before I sign up?

Absolutely! Jump onto my ‘Free Resources’ page and dive into whatever you’d like!

I've tried getting my life together before. It hasn't worked. Why the heck will working with you be any different?

There’s no magic wand that I can wave. So my question is – what was good about these other programs? What was bad about them? Were they ‘one size fits all’? I have been an IT Project Manager for over 14 years now. My whole life is about organization, co-ordination, spreadsheets, checklists etc. I have easy-to-implement methods and am passionate about the subject. With something tailored by me, for you – assuming you put in the work – this WILL be a different experience for you.

When can I start?

As soon as you sign up, you’ll receive a link to my calendar. You’ll be able to book yourself into my calendar straight away – of course given expected lead times. As at now, my waiting list lead time is around 2 weeks.

I want someone to hold my hand and literally tell me - step by step - what to do

No problems. I get that. That is EXACTLY what these sessions do.

I'm already too busy! How am I supposed to find time for coaching?

Think of this as investing in your future. It’s like when you’re training another person to do a job. Yes – it takes time at first to train them, but after that, they can do the job without any of your input and your time is freed up! It’s the same philosophy. Your longer term time will be FREED UP because a lot of what I focus on relates to knowing how (and what) to delegate and ditch. Believe me – the time it takes for us to meet is nothing compared to the time you’ll CREATE for your future.

How does this all work?

Once you sign up, you’ll receive emails from me. These emails will include all necessary instructions but to cut a long story short, you’ll do some pre-work, we’ll have our first session (45 minutes online via Skype), you’ll then have some roadmaps and blueprints to follow. If you’ve selected the 3 session pack, we’ll then work together to arrange your upcoming sessions.