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The girls’ guide to organising finances

Over the last few weeks, I've been taking a good look at my finances. There are a few things I always like to stay on top of. 1. Do I understand my current financial position without question; and 2. Am I getting the best deal? 1. Do I understand my current financial...

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Why organising your food is ‘the new black’

This week I have been focussing on organising my food. After having had two months off work and off the gym, to say my health and fitness has gone downhill is an understatement! I couldn't cook whilst I was sick, but that's really just an excuse. I didn't HAVE to eat...

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When paperwork sends you running for cover

Do you have piles of paperwork all over the place? Confused as to what to do with it and where to start? Do you simply want it to disappear and for you to never have to think about sorting it out ever again? Woo hoo! This is great news! It's the first steps towards...

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The one mistake NOT to make when defining success

How do you feel about your work life balance?  Are you leaving enough room for you?  For your health and fitness? For your spirit? Or - do you wake up and see yourself repeating the same actions, day in, day out? Running around like a crazy woman. Working harder than...

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The insiders’ guide to homemade cleaning products

I love homemade products! Cleaning products, beauty products – you name it! I started taking an interest in 'making my own stuff' around 5 years ago. I started by making my own beauty products. I make my own lip balm, hand lotion and body moisturizer.  I also make...

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