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5 ways to get organized without even realizing it

My blog last week was the first part of my series on getting organized at home. Nerd alert.I love organizing stuff! Yes, perhaps to a crazy, ridiculous extent. I love putting my cds and books in alphabetical order.  I love decanting all my food products into matching...

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Change your life by getting organized at home

Given that I'm stuck at home for 6 weeks post-surgery, I thought this would be a great time to start on my blog series on 'Getting Organized at Home'. This is such a big topic and I could go on and on about it forever - (yes, I'm a nerd) – so that's why I'm breaking...

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The complete beginner’s guide to delegating

Let me just say that I'm so excited to have you 'here' with me! Ok down to business. Specifically - delegation. Yay - I LOVE delegation! As some of you who've been 'with me' for a while might know, I had to go to hospital last week for some surgery. (I have one of...

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Welcome! Well a lot of people would call me crazy for writing this newsletter! For starters, I don't have a website that's 'live' as yet (it's due to go live early July) therefore people might ask me why on earth I'm writing this at this point. After all, there's...

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