Let’s not jump right into 2015 without really taking the time to close off 2014 first.

What were your goals for 2014? Are you saying them from memory, or did you write them down? Which did you achieve, and which did you not? For those you feel you didn’t achieve, what could you have done better, and what can you learn from your experience?

I’m going to take the time this year to really delve into this stuff. It’s all very easy to say “Right, 2014, thanks for everything but I’m now onto the next year’s goals” without actually really taking stock of what was.

icon281I’m happy to share mine 2014 goals, and my thoughts on whether or not I achieved them or not.

  • Have a certain sum of money in my savings account at year end. Done!
  • Lose 10kg. Not done! What did I learn? Don’t go from one extreme, foodwise, to the next. My ‘thing’ was strict diet to crazy person alert. It just doesn’t work, hehe. Take things in moderation and treat your body well.
  • Grow my business. Done! My mailing list has more than doubled. My income has increased. My clarity on my purpose has increased. All in all, this has been my kickstart year.

What are my goals for next year? Well I’m going to work on those next, but not until I officially make sure I close out 2014 fully. I’ve got Leonie Dawson’s Shining Year Workbook  which describes a full 2014 close-out before opening 2015.

(BTW – on a separate note – I’ve never had Leonie’s book before. to say that it’s gorgeous and I’m excited about it is an understatement!)

So I guess what I’m trying to say here is make sure you really look at what you achieved this year before you dismiss it. It’s all too easy to think “No, I didn’t do what I wanted to do” without actually really looking at it. I’m SURE you achieved more than what your initial off-the-cuff thoughts tell you. Don’t discount those achievements.

Merry Christmas Happy New Year, and will chat soon.

Until next time