Embracing Evernote

Dear Evernote

I love you.

I love how – when we’re together- I can jot down my thoughts anytime, anywhere.

Our dinner dates are amazing. With you, I write up business plans, I collect recipes, I design my website, I study, I write blog posts, I save bookmarks, I store training courses, I read documents, I collaborate, I listen to audio. And that’s all before we finish our bottle of wine!

You take me out for a walk in the park. You’re on my iPad and my Android phone. We go everywhere together.

You’re available at my beck and call, on whichever device I choose. I no longer need to download something onto one PC then use a ridiculous manual process to copy and paste it across to another. You’re with me all the time. Gone too are the days where some bookmarks are on my phone, others on my iPad, some in my work PC and the rest on my laptop at home, not to mention trawling through each different browser just to find my favourite sites.

We even think alike, you and me. I Download my thoughts onto one device and as if by magic, you’re there for me on all of them I clip, I snip, I paste, I drag and drop. You don’t mind. You support me. OMG it’s so good.

I love how you keep me company when I travel. I take down notes whilst I’m on the train, and offline, then as soon as I get online, all my work is uploaded to your servers, then replicated into all my devices when I need it. LOVE! There you are again for me, everywhere.

I love how you’ve changed my life.


Christina xx

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