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Get Your Act Together

Approximately 2,809 emails for discovery calls crowd your inbox.

A MacBook in front of you with 8,790 tabs open.

And all you can do is sit and stare.

Nevermind that you have a business to run, marketing to share, and clients to service. You wake up in the morning, panicked over how you will handle your entire workload today, and still have the energy to enjoy going out “after work.” Only there never really is an “after work” because your brain is ALWAYS thinking about what you should be doing, what you could have done, or what you have to do. And life? Is a proper circus.

Aren’t you tired of it?

Aren’t you tired of feeling frazzled? I know you love what you do, but what if you could focus ONLY on that part of your glory? What if you could let go of every part of business and life that doesn’t make you feel like a queen?

You can.

Learn to:

  • Organise your time so that you actually feel like you have MORE of it
  • Run systems that do the heavy lifting for you, leaving you to do the stuff you LOVE to do
  • Overhaul your time management so you let go of procrastination and overwhelm
  • Calculate in self-care that rejuvenates you and keeps you on your toes for your clients
  • Implement a health/fitness routine that you actually will find easy to do (because if it’s not easy, why would you do it?)

No more scattered calendars across your devices. No more lost appointments. No more tears because you can’t take having to balance it all, anymore.

What DOES Happen?

When you know what needs to be done (and when), when you know why you procrastinate, and when you know that things are as autopilot as possible? You approach your business like a TRUE CEO. You don’t see women of high-powered positions freaking out about sending contracts and collecting signatures. They don’t chase down clients they need to follow up with. They don’t even do most of the stuff that we do. Because they know working within their genius requires more than a bootstrap.

  • They have systems in place.
  • They have support to get things done.
  • They know what their goals are, at all times.

That’s what I want to hand you.

I want to hand you the ability to run your business like a real boss who gets up and goes to sit at the head of a big corporate table, surrounded by team players. Only that table is YOURS and your team? Is every system that we put into place, together. You have access to a do-it-all system. One that allows you to generate contracts, collect electronic signatures, and schedule EVERYTHING in your world. It’s a mighty powerful piece of software. And people who use it SWEAR by it.

  • At one glance, you can see what projects you are to be working on and when.
  • You can see who has paid and who still has open balances.
  • You can even categorize your expenses, so when tax time comes around, you’re ready because you’ve been managing your receipts the whole year.

This software is one that I set up for you during the course of our time together. I know women who have walked in and tried to set it up on their own, but struggled to get all the parts moving together. I don’t want you to fight and give up, so I will manage the setup of this big, beautiful monster FOR you.

We’ll walk through your days, weeks, months and set up a schedule that allows you to be freer than you’ve ever been, one that allows for optimized creativity. And we’ll tackle your procrastination beast, so that when you see “X” on your calendar, your brain goes into Power Mode, not shut down.

Having a method in place for every part of your life releases your brain from having to remember things you shouldn’t have to remember.

It puts you on a sort of autopilot so that when you sit down to work, that’s what you’re doing. Let go of ‘Facebook paralysis’ – you know, that thing you do where you fish through your feed for HOURS, knowing you have ads to create, courses to write, meals to plan, and a workout to do?

You have a business to HEAD. You have a life to LOVE.

This is the fastest road to it.

After we meet and nut this out together, you’ll look back and dance because you no longer live a life of chaos and overwork.

We’re going to set you up on a piece of software that is literally going to change the way you work and create you a NEW LIFE.

Who the heck and I again? I am Christina. The go-to for huge corporations and the government sector, here in Australia, and I will be yours, as well. Remember I’ve been at this for over 13 years in the corporate world, managing projects for multi-million dollar government and corporate organisations. My degree in business management means I’m the one who can get everything in order in your world.

So when it comes to getting things done and done well? I’m the one corporate calls. I’m the one entrepreneurs call.

Let’s work together to take your time and make it your own again.

To apply – contact me.

Reclaim your time.


Is there a waiting list for this?
The waiting time does vary. If you’d like to Get Your Act Together, just drop me a line and I’ll let you know when I’m next available.
I don’t know you from a bar of soap. Do you have anything free that I can use to ‘check you out’?
Yes, I do. Check out my Free Resources page and you’ll see me, as I am.
What’s your refund policy?
There are no refunds on work already done. That being said, if we simply do not fit, I can work with you to refund for work not yet done. I want you to be happy and relaxed with this process!

About Me

I’m a Time Management Strategist and Business Manager. I’ve worked in the corporate world as an I.T Project Manager for over 14 years.

I live and breathe efficiency, organization, productivity, technology, spreadsheets and checklists.

I love software – I love learning how to use it myself and I love helping others get their heads around it. I’m also addicted to notebooks and stationery. So you could say I’ve found the perfect mix of running my life via app and via paper!

In my spare time, I listen to Elvis, drink red wine, eat pizza, watch Netflix, go to the gym (not concurrently!) and live by the water on the gorgeous east coast of NSW, Australia.