I did it. I reached Inbox Zero.

What’s Inbox Zero?

It means I have no emails in my inbox., Yep – none at all.


I had over 33,000. Now I have none.



After 2

To say that it feels like a weight lifted off my shoulders is a complete UNDERSTATEMENT! What a great release!

Wanna know how I did it?  Here’s my process – steal this:

1. Set up a date in your head – a milestone – by which you’ll reach the illusive Inbox Zero. I set mine 3 weeks in advance.
2. Every time you think of a folder that you’d like to keep in your email – e.g. family, friends, travel, work – create that folder. Then, search through your inbox for every single email that you think would go in that folder. E.G. for my ‘family’ folder, I searched on my own surname, so I’d get everyone in my immediate family, I searched on my husband’s name, etc. Move all those emails into that folder
3. Keep following this process for the 3 weeks. Believe me, you’ll be in the shower and remember something. ‘Gosh – I should make a folder for all my Amazon purchases.’ ‘I should make a folder for all my business expenses’. ‘I should make a folder for all my booked flights and hotels’. etc. Each and every time you think of a folder, create the folder, search the inbox, and move the emails in.
4. After 3 weeks of doing this, you will have exhausted most, if not all permutations of emails you might have.
5. Then – on milestone day – select everything that’s left in your inbox. Take a deep breath. Hit ‘delete’.

That’s all there is to it.

As for maintenance – be diligent and keep the inbox clear. For every new email that comes in, action it straight away.

Good luck! Until next time