How do I get so much done each day?

I wake up early and I’m SUPER organised.

How do I wake up early?

I go to bed early!

It’s all about priorities.

I’ve always been an early bird. I’m happy to get up early as long as I’m able to go to bed early.

I use checklists like my life depends upon it. Well actually – my life DOES depend upon it.

I’ve got a checklist of what goes in my gym bag
A checklist of what to prepare for my breakfast, lunch and dinner
A shopping checklist
A ‘to do’ list that I update every single morning without fail

I’ve even started preparing my clothes for the week on a Sunday! Yep – I’m that organised. I lay out every outfit – including ALL the bits and pieces – and I have a special area in my closet. A rack with several slots where I put the Monday to Friday ‘foldables’, and 5 coathangers where I hang the Monday to Friday work outfits.

I cook my food in bulk, measure it out into portions and freeze it.

I wake up with goals in mind and a vision and plan for the day.

I do NOT use a snooze button. My alarm goes off (normally at 4:20am on week days) and I get out of bed and turn the overhead light on STRAIGHT AWAY.

You know those people who can’t get up, they hit snooze and go back to sleep? The reason they do it is because they hit snooze and close their eyes again! Of course they’re going to go back to sleep! Get the heck out of bed if you want to start moving and accomplishing.

Here’s what I do each day – without fail.

I go to my F45 class
I commute for 1.5 hours, during which I commence my work for the day
I manage a gaming studio of >30 people in a high pressure role
I commute 1.5 hours home again, during which I work on my business
I have 2 hours at home to talk with my husband, prepare my dinner and tomorrow’s lunch, shower, relax, prepare my coffee machine for the morning, pack my gym back and write my ‘to dos’ for tomorrow.

It takes discipline and dedication but ANYONE CAN DO IT!


I’m going to be sharing my exact process in “Time, Energy, Tasks” challenge. I’ll also be sharing some one on one time with a few of you that need it!

Here’s what I’ll share:
– How I run a business and manage multimillion dollar projects in my day job concurrently
– How I fit in looking after my health and fitness
– How I manage downtime and social activities
– How I ensure everything gets prioritised, all the important tasks get done, how I know what to delegate and what to ditch
– The exact things I do EVERY DAY to ensure success; and
– How YOU can do it too.

If you NEED to join this challenge and you NEED my one on one help, then join me over in my Time Travellers group!

We kick off Monday 13 February!