Ever wondered how professional, busy women ‘fit everything in’? Welcome to the next interview in my ‘She’s got time for WHAT?’ series.

I’ve spoken with these gorgeous ladies and they’re shared their days with me. We’re covering things such as:

  • shesgottimeforwhatWhat they do
  • How they do it
  • When they fit everything in
  • Personal boundaries
  • Time for themselves
  • Favourite tools
  • Productivity and efficiency secrets





Introducing – Jana Kingsford


Tell me a bit about your business

Big Dreams Strategies for women with big dreams and little time 🙂




Do you have a typical day? Or are most days different?

There’s no typical day, but there’s typical CHUNKS.CHUNKS of my days are similar.
Like the morning routine, it’s always 2 hours. But sometimes it’s later and sometimes it’s earlier, depending where and when I need to be somewhere.

So there’s the:
Morning Routine Chunk
Afternoon Routine Chunk
Evening Routine Chunk

And everything flexes and changes around those chunks. But the chunks are where I get all repetitive and recurring things done.

How does your average day look, from the minute you wake up to the minute you go back to bed?

I have seasons. At the moment, my season is Winter (I work with the season I’m in). My Winter season is different to my Summer season.

Morning Routine Chunks:

In Spring and Summer, I get up at 4.30am, meditate and then write for the first 2 hours of the day. Before all the kids get up.

In Winter and Autumn, I generally get up when I wake up. Do my morning jobs, get the kids ready, have brekky, coffee and do my todo list, then I have a shower and clean the house before doing the school run.  I go for a walk after school run. When I get a chance to work, the first thing I do is my meditation and then I get down to business. It’s usually 2-3 hours of work a day and that’s all I do.

My routine is dependent on the season. I’m not a do the same thing everyday, type of girl.

Do you feel like you fit everything in? Or do you finish your day thinking you should have done so much more? Please chat a bit about that.

I’m not perfect, but most days I like to finish with:

“I AMs”

These are the I am statements, that I like to fall asleep to. Like I just say…

“I AM sooo happy with what I got done today”
“I AM going to nail it tomorrow”
“I AM so grateful for today”
“I AM really excited about X, Y or Z”
“I AM so glad I LEARNT that today”

I drown out the Casual Crappy Chatter and replace it with a better conversation.

Do you specifically do anything – on a regular basis – that you believe really contributes a lot to your success?

During Spring and Summer, I really think I get my business momentum going, by waking up super dooper early and writing… a LOT! Writing a lot creates a lot of success for me. But the fact that I do it in Seasons and not all year, is what makes it work for me. If I did it every day of the year, I think I would get sick of it.

Another thing I do is, chunking my recording days. So Wednesdays is the day I do my live workshops and then because I’m all dressed up, I usually record a few videos for my Youtube channel, straight after recording.

I go camping heaps. It gives me a great time to totally disconnect, so I’m free from technology for a while. It helps recalibrate myself, I get back to nature (AKA get away from screens TV/mobiles/iPads), I also get soooo present when I go camping.

Systematically shutting down is how I keep super creative and relevant.

Does managing your time come easily to you? Have you always been that way?


I was a total lazy, couch potato before I had kids.

I still have those tendencies.

But I find my driver is my kids. My kids are ability not my disability.

I find when I get connected to my dream, I come alive. When I let my dream drive the bus, I’m way better at managing my time.

Do you have time for your friends? Your family? Your health and fitness? Please tell me a bit about that.

When my business feels lack-lustre, I know I need to do a bit of ‘colouring in’.

I see ‘colouring in’ as creating contrast in my life and enhancing my business.

Conversations with my friends and family are the best, because they don’t know what webinars or analytics or blog posts are, so I feel like I can ‘colour in’ my life a bit, with a bit of contrast away from work/business.

On that note, my business is a business, not an addiction. I’m a productivity addict, because I want to have a life.

I’m not a productivity addict, to be a workaholic. Heaps of people get the 2 mixed up. They think that productivity is all about working more. But I see it as the total opposite.

I also see alot of entrepreneurs valuing ‘hard work’, when really I just think their business is an addiction. They’re always itching to work and get anxiety when they can’t get on the laptop. That is an addiction, not business ownership.  Since I’m majorly passionate about what I do, I have to be careful to not blur the lines of passion and addiction to my business and sacrifice time with friends and family.

I see time with my friends, family and fitness as things that ‘give’ to my business, not things that take away from it.

Do you have boundaries regarding your own time? How did you come up with those? Do they work?

I have a heap of time for my friends and family.

But one thing I don’t have time for;

Feeling obligated to answer messages, notifications and calls ASAP.

People calling me, messaging me, e-mailing me… requires no response from me.

I’m a BOSS when it comes to this.

Here’s the thing.

I can either spend my whole 2 hour work chunk replying to the needs of other people OR I can spend my 2 hour work chunk creating a business.

I do what I can with what I have, but I see no correlation between responding quickly and politeness. I see no correlation between getting back to every single message, call and notification immediately and productiveness.

It’s like interrupting someone then getting angry when they don’t respond to you. That’s how I see it anyway.

Yes people get annoyed with me. But I literally would be spending all my work hours responding to people and getting nothing done if I responded to everything as it came in.

Do you ever feel like procrastination gets in the way of achievement? Or are you very regimented in that regard? Please tell me a bit more about that.

I love procrastination.

WHY? Because it tells me something.

Procrastination = Protection.

If I’m procrastinating, there’s only one thing I’m doing… “I’m protecting myself from the negative outcome of completing a project”.

We always focus on the positive outcome of a project, that can keep us doing/going/hustling to a point. But if the negative outcome of a project overrides the positive outcome.

We will procrastinate until we figure out what that negative outcome is and see if it’s something we can soothe.

There’s a million layers to that, but basically it’s the essence of what I teach around Procrastination.

Procrastination = Beautiful. It helps me see underlying success stoppers, that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

How do you structure your time on social media? Do you feel like it ‘gets in the way’ of achievement? Are you addicted to scrolling and refreshing? 🙂

FB and Social Media is an addiction if not monitored properly.

If you can’t go a day without ‘checking’ social media, then you’re addicted. Therefore you need to monitor and moderate your use around it.

I go to great lengths to modify and moderate my Social Media use.

Mainly I have Leech Block on during 9-2pm. So I can’t access certain sites.

If you were asked to track your week, hour by hour, how do you think the outcome of the tracking would compare with your estimates of what you spend your time on?

Before I started tracking my time with RescueTime (the app) I thought I was productive. But, I was shocked to see I spent 7 hours a week on Facebook (and that’s with monitoring and moderating my use!). I also thought I was logging a lot less hours. It’s really eye opening.

Now I spend about 60% on productive time. 26 hours on the computer in total. And I have daily goals I like to meet. Like spending more than 1 hour on productive time and less than 1 hour on unproductive time.

Tracking my time on the computer, really helped me to get real with what I spend my time on.

Do you have any favourite productivity tools?

Pomodoro timer (I use it to get through email).
Todoist (todo list app)

For anyone who struggles with time management – what would be your one big piece of advice for them?

Managing time is about crowding out the bad habits with good ones.

What percentage of week do you currently spend on ‘you’?

Heaps. I only work on average 26 hours per week (that’s not a guesstimate either, it’s exactly the average). I try to spend my full weekends on friends, family and fun. I also squeeze times for me in daily. Like my daily coffee, or weekly cafe working session and daily pre-work meditations.

What percentage of week do you wish you could spend on ‘you’?

100% hehehehe but really…….
I’m all about melting into it the way it is… Not resisting what is. SO always ‘wishing’ for things to be different is a sure way to feel constantly dissatisfied.

I don’t really ‘wish’ for more time to spend on me. When I want more time to spend on me I just carve out time to create the balance I crave. Simple as that.

Jana I absolutely love your insight into procrastination. What wise words those are! You seem to have your time management totally ‘down pat’ and I’m ALWAYS loving another early riser!! (I’m a 4.00am / 4.45am girl too on weekdays!)