I can’t tell you how excited I am to share this with you. I feel like – after a year of being in business – I’m finally finding my niche and my passion!

I really have a ‘full circle’ story to tell – which I’ll save for another time – but for now, I’d like to tell you ‘what’s in it for you’, instead of my just rambling on about myself.


If you’re a busy career woman and have struggled with any of the following:

Getting organised with your time – be it at home, or at work

  • Making time to stay (or get) fit
  • Making time to prepare healthy food
  • Eating well
  • Feeling the pull of perfectionism
  • Doing everything yourself and shirking delegation
  • Feeling that whatever you do and however intricately you schedule your time, you still have too much on your plate
  • The feeling that in order to build up your career – whether as an entrepreneur or as a corporate girl – you need to almost ‘give up’ everything else
  • The need to continue over achieving. In everything.

Then I’m here for you!!

I’ve been there and done that. I’m in a busy corporate role, and have been for years.

I’ve been the one who had the dream job, yet let it take over her life. To the point of burning out and having to leave said job.

I don’t want this to happen to you!

This is (I’m sure!) what my mission is. I want to save you from your perfectionism.

I want to:

  • help you
  • teach you
  • give you permission to
  • give you the tools to

take some time away from your career to care for your own wellbeing and for you to KNOW that the world will not fall apart!

As a matter of fact, the world will GET BETTER!

I want to work with corporations, from the top down. My dream is to have that ‘trickle effect’ from boards and execs down. The culture in the corporate world, where we’re basically ‘forced’ to be working, every minute of every day, if we want to ‘succeed’ is nonsense. I’m here to prove that. You know what? In that world – EVERYBODY LOSES! We get burnt out. They lose staff to sickness or resignation. It’s a dead end street but that hasn’t yet been realised and the bodies are piling up.

In the entrepreneurial world – where we subsequently turn around and put that same pressure on ourselves – it’s also nonsense! It’s not sustainable and you will do yourself a dis-service. From the mouth and experience of a perfectionist, over-achiever, believe me. It’s not worth it.

What price are you putting on your self worth and your health?

I’m studying my certifications in fitness so that I’m FULLY QUALIFIED to help you out.

I am (as we speak) developing my 12 week program for you to help you manage your time, delegate tasks, manage your health and fitness, get/stay organised, detox and cleanse your body, regain your self worth (after all, how worthy do we feel when we’re a ‘slave’ to the job?).

Imagine if your fitness program was written for you, your projects were planned for you, your mind mapping was done, your website and social media were being proofread, your diary was being ‘re-jigged’, your IT ‘grunt’ tasks were being done for you – all whilst you gifted yourself some time – a break – and went off for a workout, prepared yourself some healthy meals, had a massage or met the girls for a champers?

I’m just bubbling with everything I am creating and it’s from a place of passion, a place of experience and a place of love.

I’ve been a project manager – for multi million dollar projects in both the private and public sectors – for 13 years now. I know what I’m talking about and definitely ‘walk the talk’. I’m studying the fitness certification so that I can literally be the one who not only helps you from this ‘project manager: been there, done that’ point of view, but also from there ‘here’s a health and fitness program I have personally developed for you that I know we can fit into your day’ point of view, and the ‘Here, I’ll create your website, set up your Timetrade, sort out your Mailchimp and help your clean out your Gmail’ point of view?

Excitement plus!

P.S. You may have noticed I’m rebuilding my website now.  It’s still a work in progress so bear with me, and we’re not at christinahannamifsud.com anymore, we’re at my new home of zivesia.com.

What’s a ‘zivesia’? Well that’s for another day!……..

Welcome along for the ride!! Yay!

Until next time.