My husband is travelling overseas on business in a few weeks so I thought this would be the ideal opportunity for me to prepare some travel checklists, both for him to use – (a.k.a. test it out for me!) – and for me to provide to you!!

I’ve prepared two lists.

couple113One is the ‘Preparation for Travel Checklist’. This checklist includes all the things you need to do prior to travelling and is focussed specifically on preparations for overseas travel.

The second list is the ‘Travel Packing Checklist’. i.e. a comprehensive, standard list of everything you need to pack in your bag!

I’m going to be creating lots of checklists, but this week, both these checklists are going to be released to you FREE just because you’re GREAT for reading my blog!

Preparing for travel can be quite stressful at the best of times – especially it it’s overseas, and if you’re not a regular traveller.  There are DEFINITELY lots of things that need to be done prior to travel and also a standard list of things to take whilst you travel. Not being prepared can lead to troubles you’d rather avoid – medical, insurance, customs/immigration – you name it!

Wouldn’t you rather travel relaxed and knowing that everything’s taken care of?

Enjoy your trip rather than stressing about it?  I know I would!

My checklists can be used for both domestic and international travel, and you’ll never need to stress about forgetting anything again! Yay!  Here’s the preparation for travel checklist and here’s the packing checklist.

In relation to preparing for travel, there are some things you definitely want to ensure that you have organised:

Medical – you definitely don’t want to get into any medical ‘bother’ whilst overseas if you can help it! You need to check – at least a few months in advance – what vaccinations you need. You should also fill any prescriptions to cover-off the period for which you’ll be away, if possible, though remember to check that your medications are legal in the country you’re going to!

You also need to make sure you’re covered by medical insurance whilst away.

Also – check if there are any health alerts for the country you’re visiting!

Visas – Make sure to check if a visa is required for your destination and if it is, how to get it. I know when I previously travelled to the US, there was a visa waiver program which I was applicable for. That DIDN’T mean you just show up! It meant that you still had to fill in various forms to get the official waiver! When I recently went to Bali, the visa was to be obtained once I got to Bali, and there were no official forms etc that I needed to fill out until I got there. Every country is different so make sure you’re covered off here, as people can get sent home on the next plane if they’ve got the wrong paperwork!

Passport – check that you’ve got at least 6 months validity on your passport.

Finances – Make sure you have enough of both your home-country currency as well as foreign currency. Some countries charge you arrival taxes, and others charge departure taxes, so DON”T wait until you get there to obtain your foreign currency!

Also decide what you’re going to do if you want to use credit. In some countries, credit card fraud is rife, so using a credit card is probably not a good idea. If you do need credit, I recommend buying, for example, a pre-paid Visa/Mastercard prior to travel.

Check with your bank whether or not your ATM card can be used overseas, too. I fell into this trap once, where I simply ‘expected’ a card to work, and it didn’t. Luckily I had another card that worked, but it’s better to know in advance rather than find out whilst you’re there.

Obtain a currency converter, whether it’s a spreadsheet you set up at home, or an app on your phone so you know how much you’re spending.  I have a friend that went to France and ended up paying THOUSANDS for a handbag because she’d miscalculated her currency conversion.  Ooops!

Phones – check if your mobile phone has global roaming enabled. If it doesn’t, get it set up. Also make sure to check the prices for global roaming as they can be exorbitant!

I like to use my ‘normal’ phone to simply send an sms or two, to let family know I’ve arrived, then I obtain a local sim card once I arrive at my destination.

By obtaining a local sim card when I was in the US, I was able to talk to my husband for maybe 30-40 minutes a day, for two weeks, and it cost me no more than around $200 or so, total. Alternatively, whe first time I travelled and I didn’t know the ‘get a local sim’ trick, I called him for 3-4 minutes a day, using global roaming on my ‘regular’ phone/sim card, and it cost me $600 for two weeks. Eeek!

Embassies – prior to leaving, obtain the contact details for your embassy in the country you’re visiting and keep these on-hand whilst you travel.

Travel Insurance – make sure you take out travel insurance prior to travelling. Keep the details of the insurance with you at all times in your destination country.

Driving – do you intend to drive whilst overseas? If so, you’ll need an international driving permit.

Timezone converter – as with the currency converter, either set up a little spreadsheet to take with you, or get an app on your phone.

Officially register your travel – I’m not sure what the ‘standard protocol’ is outside Australia, but when Australians travel, we’re encouraged to register ourselves as just in-case any emergencies occur.

In case of emergency – I email scanned copies of my passport, visa, tickets, accommodation, medical insurance and travel insurance to a friend/family member when I travel. I keep the originals of all of these in my travel wallet. I also keep photocopies of all of these in my luggage (incase my carry-on including the originals gets lost) and I keep a scanned copy on USB with me, too.

If you like this info from the Travel Preparation Checklist, wait ’til you see the Travel Packing Checklist too!  (yes, I do get excited about creating checklists, hehehe).  It lists everything you need to pack – clothing, toiletries, seasonal items, documentation, carry-on luggage, jewellery, electronics – you name it, it’s included!

Remember, both these are FREE so grab a download NOW! Here they are again: Here’s the preparation for travel checklist and here’s the packing checklist.

I’d love to hear what you think about these checklists and what other checklists you’d like to see in the future.  Let me know by leaving a comment below!

Until next time!