How often do you set your yearly goals, then find that somehow – somewhere along the line – they fall by the wayside?

Here’s the goal setting formula I use.

It ensures goals are obtainable right from the word ‘go’!


This is my first video post! 🙂


Hi there, this is Christina, how are you going?

So this is something different – you haven’t seen me do a blog post before but I’ve decided that I’m going to start doing them just for fun.

Today we’re talking about planning out your year, now admittedly it is mid February or actually late February but I know for a fact certainly there are some of us that haven’t put together our goals yet.  So here’s what I wanted to talk about – how do you plan out your year and how do you plan it out in a way that is not going to set yourself up to fail?  How do you plan it out in a way that is actually going to set yourself up for success?

So here is my little secret method, here’s what I do:  the first thing I do is I brainstorm, I write down everything I’d like to achieve that year.  Some things might be outlandish, some things might not but still I get it out of my head and I write it down.

And then what I do is go through the list and do a second run through, maybe a cull, maybe a prioritization exercise just so that what I then end up with at the end of this second step is a list that I feel like is doable and as I said earlier it’s not going set myself up to fail.  I’m not going to sit there and say well I’ve got 3 million goals to do this year because you’re not going to get 3 million things done!
Step 1 – write everything down

Step 2 -cull and prioritize

Step 3 -estimate.  So let’s say one of my goals is to get my Autopilot Academy up and running by mid April.  What I do in order to estimate that is I plan it out like a little project, I am a project manager in my day job so that comes quite easily to me.  I will have a template available for you if that’s really not your forte and it will help you plan stuff out.  You don’t have to just use that for project, you can plan out anything.

E.g. Plan out I want to lose 15 kilos, and I want to lose it at a rate of half a kilo a week therefore in 30 weeks from now I want to weigh 15 kilos less than what I currently do.

So it’s all a matter of just estimating it out and once you estimate, suddenly things actually start seeming a little bit more achievable because you can see it in front of you.  It’s not just I’m here and here’s me 15 kilos lighter, or I’m here and there’s Autopilot Academy fully launched.  It’s I’m here and here are these little steps that I’m going to take in order to get there, this is when I’m going to take those steps and that’s how I can see myself get from where I am now to where I want to be.

So the last step of course is – do it.

So we’re planning, we’re culling, we’re estimating and we’re doing.

The trick, after you do your estimations if you’re really, really serious about it is put it in your calendar.

So in terms of the Autopilot Academy example I used, I can put my little milestones in my calendar.  In terms of the weight loss example I used I can put little milestones in the calendar, a month from now if I’m losing half a kilo a week I want to weigh 2 kilos less than what I weigh now, you know, and pop it in your calendar so it’s there it’s in front of you.  And sometimes when something is in your calendar it seems a lot more real than if it’s just an idea in your head because sometimes if it’s just an idea in your head you’ll let yourself get away with not actually doing it.

So let’s just go over the steps one more time, I know I’ve said them a few times but I’m going to say them again.

*We write them down

*We cull the list and prioritize the list

*We estimate

*The hidden step, we “calendarize” it

*And then we do it

So I’d love to hear from you, if you want to let me know what your goals are and how you fancy achieving them this year, feel free to leave a comment below and I will see you next time.