Ever wondered how professional, busy women ‘fit everything in’? Welcome to the next interview in my ‘She’s got time for WHAT?’ series.

I’ve spoken with these gorgeous ladies and they’re shared their days with me. We’re covering things such as:

  • shesgottimeforwhatWhat they do
  • How they do it
  • When they fit everything in
  • Personal boundaries
  • Time for themselves
  • Favourite tools
  • Productivity and efficiency secrets





Introducing – Orissa Feeney


Tell me a bit about your business

I’m a business and launch strategist that support business owners through high level business planning, program launches and gets down to the nitty gritty details of the implementation planning with you.



Do you have a typical day? Or are most days different?

Yes, I have a typical day – depending on which day of the week 🙂

How does your average day look, from the minute you wake up to the minute you go back to bed?

My 3 Working days I often start coaching calls early in the morning – so I’m up at 5.30 to get the days started for my family. Breakfast, lunches – getting them ready for school etc. I have coaching calls until it’s time to go for school drop off.

Then I do an amazing walk with my son from the beach down the estuary where his school is – the round trip takes about an hour – it’s the highlight of my day – the walk is beautiful, plus I get to chat with my little guy about what is happening with his day.

Then when I get back I do ‘house’ duties for an hour. Jump onto a few more coaching calls. Or if I have a quiet day I go to the share-office and do some marketing planning.

Then walk back down to do school pick up. We come home and do homework together – while I catch up on a little admin.

Then we start dinner together until my hubby and Miss 2 return from work and daycare. This is a new thing and he seems to love the time where we talk about the sciency things going on in the kitchen and just have fun.

We have dinner together – then jump on the couch for a daily Dr Who dose. In the warmer weather we often go for a walk after dinner down to the beach or sometimes on the way home from school. Kids head off to bed then it’s time to hang out with the Mr and relax. I try to be in bed before 10.30am.

Do you feel like you fit everything in? Or do you finish your day thinking you should have done so much more? Please chat a bit about that.

Over the years I’ve created a rhythm in my business that allows things to flow along pretty nicely and work around the rest of my life. There are times when I’m planning a launch or working with someone intensely that it feels a little more stretched. Having systems in place has helped with this.

Do you specifically do anything – on a regular basis – that you believe really contributes a lot to your success?

Walking daily with my kids is like my meditation time. I’m sure this contributes to my success.
Plus I also email my list weekly that contributes to a fairly steady flow of clients.

Does managing your time come easily to you? Have you always been that way?

No managing time has always been a weakness. A big one. I used to always be late and have a huge big unwieldy to do list.

Some of the things that have changed that:

  • having a better understanding of my sales cycles and cash flow – and planning around that.
  • getting systems for bookkeeping, calendars, and customer relationship management set up and working for me – INTEGRATION IS KEY
  • getting realistic about how much I can actually do in a day, week, month = BIG SHIFT IN MY TIME MANAGEMENT

Do you have time for your friends? Your family? Your health and fitness? Please tell me a bit about that.

I hang out with my friends for drinks or dinner probably once a fortnight. I have a few friends with kids who I see on my walk to and from school. And I make sure I have time to be present for my kids and the Mr even 😉

Do you have boundaries regarding your own time? How did you come up with those? Do they work?

The main boundary I have around time is that I only work 2.5 days a week. I plan my family time and my personal time and then I block out the business hours between those.

Do you ever feel like procrastination gets in the way of achievement? Or are you very regimented in that regard? Please tell me a bit more about that.

Procrastination was a bit of an issue in the beginning when I started out in business – I mean how many months can you spend tweaking your website before you get yourself out there. But now I’m clear that I only want to be working 2.5 days a week and when you see how many hours you have to do what you want to do you’ve got to be very clear one what you need to do next.

How do you structure your time on social media? Do you feel like it ‘gets in the way’ of achievement? Are you addicted to scrolling and refreshing? 🙂

I do find myself from time to time getting way laid in Facebook but I tend to close it off as soon as I notice and then ban myself until I’ve got through my to do list for the day.

If you were asked to track your week, hour by hour, how do you think the outcome of the tracking would compare with your estimates of what you spend your time on?

Tracking could be helpful for more detail but I do have a high level schedule that I work to.

Do you have any favourite productivity tools?

Yes, yes yes.

  • I love Acuity scheduling – this is such a great calendar tool. It integrates with google calendar … love it.
  • I also love Zapier for doing the grunt work
  • And I’m a big fan of Google Docs which isn’t so much a productivity tool but it is a central place for docs, allows me to communicate with my clients between sessions and just keeps me organised.

For anyone who struggles with time management – what would be your one big piece of advice for them?

Write down your weekly schedule. Add in you time, family/friend time, and other commitments – then have a look at how much time you actually have to run your business – it’s not as much as you thought right. And just seeing that makes a huge difference in what you decide to spend your time doing.

What percentage of week do you currently spend on ‘you’?

Does that include showers? haha !! Probably about 5-10%

What percentage of week do you wish you could spend on ‘you’?

 It seems small but I’m pretty happy with that. It looks like about half a day a week doing nothing for anyone but me. I do like to add special treat days – like the occasional weekend trip with the girls or a day spa.

Yay Orissa! This is fantastic. I love how you’re so clear about the amount of time you want to spend on your business, and you stick to it. Boundaries are so important! And you even have time for your mister! Hahaha.