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Taming Technology

Does this sound familiar?


You’re not the tech queen. Never have been. You want to get online – NOW – but you’ve no idea where, or how, to start

Short on time

Dealing with systems and computers is NOT the reason you started in business You’ve got heaps of better things to do than try to work this stuff out


Omg no! I can’t do that! Are you kidding? How the heck do I integrate my email responder with my website? What if I break it?


Why is it so hard? Why on earth does it take so long just to work out one little thing?


How in goodness’ name do I create a horizontal opt in? How do I set up a landing page? How do people get my free gift/opt in? How can I send out my ecourse?


I don’t know what hosting package I want – how on earth am I supposed to know that?! There’s so much information out there – someone just tell me how to do it!

What’s the point in trying to figure all this stuff out yourself? You need help

But you don’t have time to be trawling through YouTube, watching BORING videos, listening to ENDLESS droning from some nerdy guy. (Ok I’m a nerdy girl, but I don’t drone!) You need a website. You need an email service. You need Webinar software. You need sales pages and landing pages. You need a membership site. You need automated appointment booking. You need opt ins. You need automation. Aarrrrggg!

And you need it all now!

You don’t have the inclination to spend your day Googling, reading technical question and answer forums and trying to decipher gobledegook How the heck are you going to set all this stuff up without paying someone thousands to do it for you? You need someone to hold your hand, from A to Z. That’s what Taming Technology is all about. It’s a 10 week program designed exclusively for the entrepreneur who wants to have a presence online, NOW!  (And for those who prefer to get things up and running ASAP – you don’t need to wait out the 10 weeks – you can fast track it !)

How’s this sound?


The things that used to scare you – no more! You know what you’re doing. Why was I worried about this before?

Adept and Capable

You know how to create your website. You know how to create your opt in. You know how to send out your course. You know how to set up your webinar. How could I have thought this was scary?

Safe and Ready

You know exactly what needs to be done, and how to do it You’re not scared You’re not worried You’re happy You are set up to start earning online You’re all set to go.


That stuff you didn’t know before? Easy as pie


No more fear. You know what you’re doing – no question.


You’re online. Now. You can be found. Now. You can earn cash. Now.

We’ll get you online, ASAP, for minimal cost and with minimum fuss. Your hand will be held the whole way through.

$247 AUD (including GST for Australian residents) (USD conversion)

Payment plan of 2 monthly installments of $138 AUD (including GST for Australian residents)

Your time

Do don’t have time to go searching through YouTube. You don’t need the frustration of watching hundreds of videos and reading (or should I say ‘trying to read’) multitudes of tech manuals and help pages to try and find a simple answer.
In one course, we will do everything. from obtaining your domain name, all the way through to being fully functional online – in the most efficient and productive way possible for those on a budget.
You’ll be fully set up, ready to show off your website, ready to be seen, ready to run webinars, ready to run courses, ready to send newsletters.

In 10 weeks – (or sooner if you’re an ‘immediate satisfaction’ kinda girl) – you’ll have gone from blank page to total tech.

Your outcome

You’ll take one step at a time to create your online presence.
You won’t have to search, trawl, google, read technical documentation. It’ll all be explained in the videos, you can press pause and work with me at the same time.
You’ll have everything you need.
All those small steps will add up to one big solution – your presence online.


This course will quite simply take you from being someone who was scared about setting up their own tech, to someone who feels a great sense of achievement from having done so.
You’ll save thousands by not having to have a developer do this all for you
You’ll be confident to make your own tech changes in the future
No more freak outs
Just calmness, clarity and confidence.

$247 AUD  (USD conversion)

Payment plan of 2 monthly installments of $138 AUD (including GST for Australian residents)

Course Outline

Obtaining your domain name
Obtaining your web site hosting with Hostgator
Downloading and installing WordPress (.org)

Redirecting your name servers
Putting up a Coming Soon page
Downloading and installing a gorgeous, feminine theme and child theme from Bluchic Themes

Creating a page and a post
Creating a menu
Changing your colours
Updating your Header
Installing and configuring your Contact Forms and widgets

Downloading, installing and configuring your website backups with Backup Buddy
Preventing spam with Akismet

Signing up for your email system with Mailchimp
Creating your sign up forms in Mailchimp
Creating an auto responder sequence

Creating horizontal and vertical opt ins on your website
Adding a Mailchimp opt in to your Coming Soon page

Setting up online appointment booking with Timetrade
Setting up and running webinars and conference calls with Free Conference Calls

Setting up sales pages and landing pages with LeadPages
Connecting these pages to your email auto responder service

Setting up a membership site with Paid Memberships Pro
Adding members to your new membership site

Running a drip feed ecourse with Paid Memberships Pro

Plus Surprise Cool Bonuses!

Why should you sign up?

    • Every day you don’t sign up, you are not present online. By not being present online, there’s less chance that those people who need you, will be able to find you
    • You could sign up for one software package that does a lot of this for you, in the one package. Automatically. BUT it’ll cost you at least $100 (and potentially up to $300 or so) per month. As a newbie, do you have that kind of cash to spare?
    • You could get someone else to set this all up for you. It’ll cost you several thousands, and any time you need a small change, you’ll have to pay them more money. And wait ’til they’re ready for you.
    • You could work out how to do this all yourself, via YouTube and Google. But that’ll take bloody ages. Do you have the time or the inclination?

You deserve more than that.

Get online now for just $247 AUD!  (USD conversion)

Payment plan of 2 monthly installments of $138 AUD (including GST for Australian residents)

Here’s what people are saying!

Having Christina go through, click by click, the process of starting a website from zero was such a relief. And a joy to watch each week.

The processes and systems you need behind the scenes were baffling me, despite previously having had some WordPress experience. Christina held my hand and I was astounded how simple it actually was.

Taking control of my website and business again has been wonderful. I don’t need to ask a web developer to tweak my site, wait for their dreaded invoice and hope they get round to it quickly. I can do it all myself – and if I have a question, I simply ask Christina.

Seriously, I urge you to take this course. You simply won’t regret it.

Emma Veiga-Malta

who created I Love My Chair with Taming Technology

And how about this?


Get started now and you could be fully online within less than one month.

$247 AUD  (USD conversion)

Payment plan of 2 monthly installments of $138 AUD (including GST for Australian residents)


How much will I learn about each piece of software?
You’ll learn how to download, install and configure it. This course is NOT designed to make you an absolute expert in each piece of the software we use. That would be extremely overwhelming, and would cost thousands and take a year to cover! What we learn here is enough so that you’re competent, confident and calm in using – and updating – everything we touch.
Where do I go if (for one crazy reason or another) I want to become an expert in any of these pieces of software?
There are plenty of experts around – people who specialise in Mailchimp, WordPress, Leadpages etc. You’ll have no trouble finding courses, or teachers, if that’s the route you want to take.
I don’t like waiting for drip fed content. I definitely don’t want to wait 10 weeks to finish up. Can I fast track this?
Yes, you can. When you receive your first lesson, you’ll see it includes a link that you can click to fast-track.
I don’t know you from a bar of soap. Do you have anything free that I can use to ‘check you out’?
What’s your refund policy?
If – within 30 days of starting the course – you are not satisfied, just let me know. You’ll need to show me the homework you’ve done from the modules you’ve accessed just to show you ‘gave it a red hot go’.
When does the course start?
You can start anytime!
Do you use particular pieces of software? Or can I do this course with ‘my own’ choice of software?
I only teach you how to use the pieces of software (and services providers) that I use personally. So if you have Aweber, for example, you need to know that my modules on Mailchimp will not be applicable. If you host with Siteground, for example, you need to know that my modules on Hostgator will not be applicable. The perfect place to start is with literally nothing – a blank screen – so I can take your hand and guide you step by step!

About me

I’m an I.T Project Manager and have been for over 12 years. I live and breathe efficiency, organisation, productivity, technology, spreadsheets and checklists. I love software – I love learning how to use it myself and I love helping others get their heads around it. As well as running my business, I have a wonderful job producing games for a U.S. gaming company. In my spare time, I listen to Elvis, drink red wine, eat pizza, go to the gym (not concurrently!) and live by the water on the gorgeous east coast of NSW, Australia.