I love delegatingLet me just say that I’m so excited to have you ‘here’ with me!

Ok down to business. Specifically – delegation. Yay – I LOVE delegation!

As some of you who’ve been ‘with me’ for a while might know, I had to go to hospital last week for some surgery. (I have one of those wonderful ongoing ‘women’s problems’ that rears its ugly head and needs to be taken care of every few years!)

My to do list was so long prior to going into hospital. Here’s a sneak peek:

  1. Finalize ongoing tasks at work (day job)
  2. Pay bills
  3. Clean house
  4. Buy food
  5. Pack hospital bag
  6. Do as many client coaching sessions as possible
  7. Work on website
  8. Draft up next few newsletters
  9. Buy books to read
  10. Re-schedule trip to Melbourne (I had to cancel a fabulous shopping trip due to my surgery)
  11. Ring insurance company regarding refunds for cancelled travel
  12. Complete and send hospital paperwork
  13. Contact health fund regarding payment of hospital bills
  14. Contact anaesthetist regarding drug allergies so as to ensure I don’t die during surgery!

Ok – you get the general idea!

There were HEAPS of things to do – all of which needed to be done – within a very specific timeframe.

Here’s how I got everything done.

By being organized, and knowing how to delegate.

Learning how to delegate can sometimes be tough, as we all know that we’re always the best person do things, right?

If you want it done properly, do it yourself?

WRONG! This is a fallacy.

There are a few quick and easy questions you can ask yourself to help determine what to delegate.

Step by step:

Q: What tasks:

  • can I do with my eyes closed;
  • require my unique skills;
  • bring me joy/passion; or
  • do I love?

A: Keep them on my personal list.

Q: What tasks:

  • do I hate;
  • am I not good at; or
  • do not require my unique skills?

A: Delegate them.

So here’s what eventuated:

My personal list

  1. Pay bills
  2. Pack hospital bag
  3. Do as many client coaching sessions as possible
  4. Work on website
  5. Draft up next few newsletters
  6. Buy books to read **
  7. Re-schedule trip to Melbourne
  8. Ring insurance company
  9. Complete and send hospital paperwork
  10. Contact health fund regarding payment of hospital bills
  11. Contact anaesthetist!

Delegation List

  1. Finalize ongoing tasks at work (day job). I delegated work to my two Team Leads at work
  2. Clean house. I brought in a professional cleaner. Yay!
  3. Buy food. I ordered my groceries online, using my saved list prepared earlier. They were delivered right to my front door without a hitch!

Delegating those three tasks was a lifesaver for me.

It gave me the time to focus on the tasks that I love, or that need my own personal/unique skills, or that I can get done in a flash!

It allowed me the ‘breathing room’ to know that the other, boring, but still very necessary tasks, could be taken care of without me having to bat an eyelid.

  • Instead of trying to rush through all the remaining work at my day job, I delegated it to my team leads. Yes, there’s a learning curve for them, but as they say, teach someone to fish, don’t buy them a fish! The opportunity cost of time spent teaching them now will be more than made up in the future knowing that I have now taught two others to do what I do on a daily basis.This saved me around 30 hours worth of work in my precious last week in the office.
  • I saved around 2 hours by bringing in a cleaner.
  • I saved around 1 hour (and a bunch of heavy lifting) by having my groceries delivered.

Take action now – have a look at what you’ve got ‘on your plate’. What tasks do you hate? What tasks aren’t you good at? What tasks cause you stress or anxiety? What are some actions you could take now to delegate those tasks? How much time could you save? How much better would it make you feel?

** in case you’re wondering what I bought to read, the Stephanie Plum novels (by Janet Evanovich) will be keeping me company during my recovery. I bought the first few books (of a series of 18 or so) and they’re great so far!

Until next time