I’ve discovered an app that’s changed my life. Yep, sometimes I have a tendency to exaggerate, but this has absolutely changed it.

It’s called unroll.me

If you’ve heard of it, you’ll absolutely understand why I said its changed my life!

Remember, ‘back in the day’ when you signed up for every single newsletter and at every single website that you thought may have been of remote interest to you? I’ve signed up to heaps of different health and fitness sites, travel sites, bargain shopping sites, Groupon, designer sites, business related sites.

You name it, I signed up for it.


Well one day I got sick of it. Sick of waking up, checking my email and seeing 50 new emails. None were actually emails from friends, family, business acquaintances (we’re talking about my personal account here), they were all emails trying to sell me stuff. So over it!

Here’s where unroll.me comes in.

The bottom line is, you sign up, it trawls through your inbox and ‘magically’ finds all sites to which you’re subscribed.

It then presents you with a list of all those sites, and 3 separate options for each entry in the list.

  1.  roll up,
  2.  unsubscribe or
  3.  leave in inbox.

(2) and (3) are self explanatory. (1) on the other hand, means this:

“Dear Christina – would you like emails from this sender ‘rolled up’ into one daily summary email?”

Yes please!

You go through the list and click either option 1, 2 or 3 for each sender address.

The next day, you’ll not believe how good it feels!

One email from unroll.me, not heaps of individual emails. You just click on that one email and will see links to the xx number of emails that otherwise would have come through individually! In my case, xx is probably 20 or so a day.

You can maintain the ‘rolling’ and unsubscribing process each day. If you get an email come through from a ‘new’ sender, it’ll be listed in your unroll.me daily mail and you can choose your option 1, 2 or 3.

I now might get 1 or 2 emails overnight that I’ve chosen to keep in my inbox. The rest are rolled up (some) or unsubscribed (most).

I can’t say I love it fast enough!!

If email is bugging you – give this a red hot go.

Until next time