So last week I told you exactly why I think you should stop using Ok let me be a bit more specific. I didn’t tell you why you should stop using it – I told you exactly what things you should think about if you do decide to continue using it. And I gave you various things to think about if and when you’re consenting to allowing a company access to your data.

Today I’m going to show you the exact process I’m following to ‘grown my own’ WITHOUT having to allow any external service access to my emails.

If you have Gmail and this interests you, here’s exactly how you can continue to unsubscribe unwanted emails without compromising your privacy any further.

1. Go here and make a copy of the Gmail unsubscriber google sheet.

2. Click the ‘Gmail unsubscriber’ item in the menu bar (there’s a screenshot in the article showing this if you can’t find it) and choose ‘Configure’

3. Allow the script to access your Gmail account.

4. Wait for a bit. You’ll see a message saying that the script is running. Let it run. You’ll then get a popup asking what label you want to use for items you want to unsubscribe to. It’s easy just to stick with the ‘Unsubscribe’ default label.

5. Then head to your Gmail account and apply that ‘Unsubscribe’ label to any emails you want to unsubscribe to.

6. That’s it! The script will permanently run on your inbox and anything you label as ‘Unsubscribe’ will be unsubscribed and the result will appear in the Google Sheet you originally created in step #1. (NB it may take 10-15 mins for them to show up in the spreadsheet).

Until next time