One of my favourite things in the world is the Eisenhower Delegation Matrix.

(Told you it was a nerd alert!)

This was developed by one of the previous U.S. Presidents, Dwight Eishenhower. STAY WITH ME!


Here’s the deal

  • You’ve got so much on your plate
  • Your to do list is a mile long
  • You’ve no idea where to start

Do you start with low hanging fruit? Do you start with the quick tasks? Do you start with the longest tasks? Do you start with the tasks that are directly related to your favourite client.

What the heck are you supposed to do? 

Here’s the simple answer that works every time.

For every task, as yourself 2 questions
Is it Important? and
Is it Urgent?

If it’s Important and Urgent – do it yourself, and do it now
If it’s Important and Not Urgent – do it yourself and do it later (make sure to schedule in a deadline)
If it’s Not Important and Urgent – Delegate it
If it’s Not Important and Not Urgent – Ditch it.


So if you’re in business and thinking of taking on a Virtual Assistant, for example, this is a perfect place to start. You’d delegate the Not Important/Urgent tasks. You do the Important (both urgent and non urgent) ones yourself. You ditch everything that’s not urgent and not important.

You can use this for your home/personal to do lists, too!

It really does help break down what can seem like a massive list, and just provide a bit more clarify and direction!

I love it!

Do you have a tool like this, or something else you use when working out ‘who should do what, and when?’ I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!
Until next time