welcome to get organizedWelcome!

Well a lot of people would call me crazy for writing this newsletter! For starters, I don’t have a website that’s ‘live’ as yet (it’s due to go live early July) therefore people might ask me why on earth I’m writing this at this point.

After all, there’s nowhere to publish this after I send it out.

There’s no website for me to ask you to visit.

There’s nowhere for you to leave a comment.


But do you know what there is?

There’s YOU!

You took the time to sign up at my website! I thought ‘Hey, I’m doing this my own way’. Regardless of the fact that I’m not sending you to my website or publishing this on the web right now, for me – that’s not the point!

The point is that you took the time and made the effort to sign up so I want to give you something in return.

It’s not much, but it’s a ‘Hello’.

It’s ‘I’m here’.

It’s ‘I TOTALLY appreciate you!’

It’s a ‘I will be raring to go, full on, in July. Until then, take note that massive changes are going on behind the scenes so that I’m ready for you’.

It’s to say ‘Thank you’.

I wanted to tell you a bit about me, about why I’m here and about what I believe my life’s purpose really is!

I’m from Sydney, Australia. I’m part project manager, part professional organizer, part spreadsheet nerd, part health and fitness coach(addict?), part Egyptian goddess wannabe and part crazy!

I really am a bit of a nerd. I was born with a pencil and notebook in my hand! I have a Bachelor of Business (Business Mgt/Economics). I’ve spent more than 10 years managing international, multi-million dollar projects for the government, for a global IT company and for a global gaming company.

In all these roles. I was the most organized person that I knew. I got the job done, and more. My highly organized processes, efficiency at creating templates, schedules, tools, spreadsheets, checklists – you name it – meant that I could get the job done in half the time.

The problem was, I spent the other half of the time getting dragged into more work and more meetings and essentially doubling my workload!! Eeek.

I had no room left it my life for my health, my fitness, for friends and family, and for my spirit.

I was unhappy. I was sick. I was disheartened.

Then everything changed.

I had to leave my ‘dream job’ because I burnt out.

BURNING OUT!…..This is what it took for me to realize what I was doing to myself!

So I moved into a job with more flexible conditions and cut down to part time hours. I went back to the gym. I started eating healthily again. I nurtured my spirit. I took time to do things I love. I spent time with people I love AND I started my own business!

I’ve made concerted efforts to create space for my health, space for my fitness, space for passions, space for people I love, space for my spirit and – space for my future.

Now I’m here, and I know it’s where I’m supposed to be.  I’m supposed to be helping you to get more organized!

I’m supposed to be seeing that smile on your face when something we do together WORKS for you and creates the space you need in your life for your goals, your higher purpose, your creativity, YOURSELF!

So what can you expect from me, and what will I do?

  • I will blog regularly once my website is live (July)
  • I will chat with you regularly, via my newsletters
  • With my heart and soul, I will give you everything I have to give to help you get organized, stay organized and therefore create your DREAM life
  • I will give you tips, tricks, habits – things that work for me, whilst being acutely aware that what works for me may NOT work for you.
  • I will be honest with you at all times
  • I will sometimes be your friend and sometimes you may not like what I have to say. My job is to help you where I can and sometimes, a candid opinion is what’s going to help
  • I will give you all I have to give of myself to help you succeed.

I will always honor my number one secret to getting organized. Here’s what that secret is…..

It’s that we are all individuals. There is no one size fits all approach. I will NOT take a band-aid solution where I show you how to clear a closet in less than 5 minutes, without trying to understand why the closet was that way in the first place! I will always remember that to get organized, you need to understand the WHY behind the dis-organization. The WHY is the secret, and it’s unique for everyone. Understanding the WHY is the secret to moving towards rectifying the issue. I will help you find your way, the way that suits your personality, your habits, your home life, your personality – everything!

Because guess what? Your success is my success.

Until next time.