As you may (or indeed may not!) have noticed – I’ve been absent.  For a LONG time.

I’ve been feeling like a fraud, having this website out there with no updates, no communication, no nothing from me.

You were all so lovely to sign up with me and what did I do?  I disappeared without a word! Now I’ve been subscribed to websites where others have done that, and you know what?  I hated that they disappeared without telling me anything about what was going on.  But then I did it myself!!


Here’s the story:

This business no longer feels like the right thing for me to do.  As a matter of fact, I really think it was quite wrong for me.  I LOVE organising and I LOVE helping others get organised – but as it turns out – there was just a big disconnect between what I was offering, and exactly what people wanted from me.

I felt helpless.  I’d put my heart and soul into this website, into my blog posts, my checklists, my cleaning product recipes etc and as it turns out, it just wasn’t right.  It wasn’t right for me and it wasn’t right for you.

I therefore did a bit of soul searching and tried to start another business.  Long story short – it was too much like my day job.  I didn’t enjoy it at all, really.

So I’m now back at square one.

Here’s my goal:  I want to find my passion.  I want to find my forte – somewhere where I thrive and where my talents and gifts will help others.  Not overwhelm them.  Not add to their already heavy load.  I think that it’s something to do with health and fitness.  With helping career women find time to stay fit and healthy.  Work life balance. I’m not sure though.  I need time to go away, and to think and assess and do a bit of soul searching, some study, some self reflection!

A business associate I consulted for a time late last year told me to leave this website up.  To not write out to you.  To not mention anything.  I listened to her, but I just felt heavy hearted.  To me, that felt wrong. All these lovely people who actually signed up to hear from me and I clammed up.  Well no more.

So here’s the nutshell.  I may close this site down.  I may revamp this site when I find my new passion, my new business, my new forte.  To be quite frank, I’m not sure what I’ll do.  But in the meantime, I believe I will put the website into maintenance mode as I feel inauthentic having it up the way it is.

I know that by changing my direction, I may lose a lot, if not all of you.  After all, you were interested in getting organised. You may not be interested in whatever it is that I decide to pursue.  I know that, I understand that, and I’ve made my peace with that.

Thankyou and love to you all for being here for me.