woman139Over the last few weeks, I’ve had a chance to take a long, hard look at myself and my organising. In working to set up this business, and in trying to enunciate my own style, my own commitments and my own abilities – I found myself:

(1) comparing myself to everyone else; and
(2) feeling like I had to be perfect.

So my two confessions today are:

1. I am not everyone else. I am me.
2. I am not perfect!

Let me delve into those a little bit.

I LOOOOVEEE organising. (As I’m sure you’re aware by now!). At the risk of sounding vain, I’m also really good at organising. When I was setting up this business, an exercise I did was to go out to around 18 people I’ve worked with in the corporate world, and ask them what my three top qualities were. 15 of them responded.

Here’s a “Wordle” showing what resulted.

(“Wordle” is a software program where you enter in a bunch of words and the resulting image gives more prominence to the words that appear more frequently. So the larger the word, the more it was said.)

wordle image3

Hmmm. Any doubts I had about my organising abilities should have been alleviated right then and there!

But they weren’t.

Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t doubt my ABILITY to be organised. I doubted that I just wasn’t as ‘good’ as other organisers.

But you know what? It took someone else to say to me “In the 10 minutes we’ve talked, you’ve compared yourself to three other people” for me to realise what I was doing.

I am not everyone else. I am me!

Let me explain.

I love looking at other peoples’ organising websites. I especially love their photos!

I’ve been know to say to my husband “I think I need to leave you and marry (insert name of extremely organised person here)”.  Of course it’s just a joke but I do get ULTRA excited when I see someone open their panty and all you can see are gorgeous baskets and rows of matching cans!!!!!

You might notice I haven’t really put photos up on my own site as yet. Here’s why:

  • Those ‘other organisers’ seem to have showroom-perfect houses
  • The have very expensive furniture and fittings
  • Every basket they use matches the next – so they’ve spent a fortune on baskets!
  • Every label has been meticulously made, stenciled, coloured. Are they professional scrapbookers?!

My truth is:

  • I love my house. It’s lovely, clean, organised, comfy and homely. But it’s not from a catalogue! My furniture and fittings don’t look like a department store showroom.
  • Shock horror – sometimes my baskets don’t match!!
  • I use a label maker. I don’t professionally scrapbook all my labels!
  • I am a regular person. When you look in my closet, there’s not hangers full of white linen shirts and pristinely-ironed jeans. There are suits, there are different coloured tops, there’s leopard print, there are tracksuits, there are slippers and dressing gowns – there’s a mish-mash or everything that any ‘regular’ woman has in her closet. It’s organised. My hangers match. But a photo of it certainly wouldn’t make the Ikea catalogue – but it would make the ‘I’m a regular, very organised woman‘s catalogue.

So – please take note:

  • I am not Alejandra from Alejandra.tv
  • I am not Martha Stewart
  • I’m not Anthea from Perfect Housewife
  • I am not Toni from A Bowl Full of Lemons

I am Christina! I’m very organised! I love being organised! I can help you get organised! It’s be my pleasure to help you, as a matter of fact!

But if you’re expecting Martha, Toni, Alejandra or Anthea – you should probably unsubscribe to my newsletters!

Here’s what Christina Hanna Mifsud does:

  • I organise – and I love doing it!
  • I LOOOVE helping other people get organised!
  • I help you make room for your spirit so that – whilst out for a drink with your friends – you’re not feeling like “Oh my goodness, I should be at home cleaning because my house is a shambles” but you’re feeling like “Wow. I can’t wait to get home, kick off my shoes, put on some slippers and relax in my favourite chair”!!
  • I teach you not only how to organise but how to STAY organised
  • I help you understand the reasons why you might not be organised already
  • I help you with systems to keep your home clean, tidy and organised
  • I love sharing my recipes for all these cool handmade things like soaps, washing powders, cleaning products etc that not only save your skin (literally) but keep your house GORGEOUS and hardly cost a thing!!
  • I (eeeek) will start to photograph areas of my house to show you what can be done. These WON’T look like a showroom or a catalogue. They’ll look like a regular person’s house and will demonstrate ACHIEVABLE yet INEXPENSIVE results.

So that’s me. No-one else.

I’d love to hear if you’ve had instances where you’ve felt like you had to be someone else.  Tell me all about it in the comments below!