Wow, I have a massive 8 weeks or so coming up!

organizing is great

I’ve always planned that my website will go live on July 8. That’s definitely still the plan, and I’m working madly towards it. Yay!

That being said – I’ve had a bit of a ‘spanner thrown into the works’. I have a few ongoing health issues and every few years, they rear their ugly head and mean that I need to go for surgery to have things ‘sorted out’.

Ok, ok, what’s the point of trying to keep it quiet and not talk about it? This is my place to say whatever I want, right? So here it is – I have ‘endometriosis’. It’s awful and I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone. Every few years or so, the surgeons need to dive in with their lasers and scalpels and slice me up and scrape me out so that I can go on for the next few years before it has to happen all over again!
My next surgery is scheduled for Friday, June 7 and I’m definitely not excited about it!

Timing-wise, it’s BAD! I’ve got so much to do in getting this business set up that I really don’t want to have to be sidelined for too long.

I’m taking 6 weeks off my part-time day job as this is how long it took me to recover last time I had this same operation. 6 weeks of lying on the couch watching daytime TV!

My clients are going to have at least 2 weeks without our regular coaching calls but I’m totally hoping to get back into it after that. After all, can it be that hard sitting up at my computer being on Skype?? (Yes, yes, I know – I need to take things easy and take my recovery step by step).

So – what on earth has all this personal info got to do with organizing being the best thing since sliced bread?

Well – here’s the thing. Being organized has allowed me the following:

Peace of mind – Everything I need to do is documented on my to do list. I’m slowly working through it all. I know I can go into my surgery knowing that I’ve done everything that I need to do pre-hospital, and that everything post-hospital is documented and will not be forgotten.

Relaxation – there’s no need for me to run around like a crazy person, hoping that I’ve submitted all my hospital forms, contacted my health fund, arranged the right amount of leave from work, got my day job covered off, got my business running smoothly etc. This has all already been taken care of, and for those items not yet taken care of, they’re documented, scheduled, and will get done.

Structure – I know I won’t starve or live in mess! For example – internet grocery shopping has been arranged. a cleaner has been arranged. My house is tidy and everything is in its place. I won’t need to ‘try and find things’ with one hand whilst trying to heat up my heat pack (and throw down a pain killer) with the other hand!!

So in my opinion, having peace of mind, feeling relaxed, and having a structure supporting me allows me to go into the hospital in the very best frame of mind that I can, hence assisting with my recovery.That’s WAY better than sliced bread!

Until next time.