Get on top of your to do list and reclaim 3 extra hours a day using the 4Q Techniquewithout burning out, losing your peace or giving up entirely!

Get on top of your to do list and reclaim 3 extra hours a day using the 4Q technique without burning out, losing your peace or giving up entirely!

Even if you’ve tried organizing your life before (and failed dismally)

Even if you think you’re ‘just not that type of person’

Even if you’re so busy that you have no idea where you’d find the time to get organized

Even if your life is currently a schemozzle.

So that you can finally know what to do, when to do it and who should do it

Without becoming some kind of nerd.

Are you tired of not getting everything done?

Your brain is scattered and foggy

You’re overwhelmed

You’ve been organized in other environments or circumstances – but now you’re not

You can’t find a process that works to plan your days, weeks or months

You haven’t found the illusive balance between developing your future focus versus core day to day activities

You don’t know what to do and when

Your to dos are all over the place

You spend lots of time doing ‘busy-work’ yet achieving nothing

Wouldn’t you rather feel like….

You can weed out distractions

You can focus on what’s important

You can identify the tasks that need to be worked on now (and those that don’t!)

You’ve locked in time to get the important stuff done

Your days are accountable and trackable

You make productive use of time

You have scheduled slots for all your tasks

You’re back in control

What makes me someone who can help you?

I’m Christina and I’m a Time Management Strategist and Business Manager. I’ve worked in the corporate world as an I.T Project Manager for over 14 years.

I live and breathe efficiency, organization, productivity, technology, spreadsheets and checklists.

I love software – I love learning how to use it myself and I love helping others get their heads around it. I’m also addicted to notebooks and stationery. So you could say I’ve found the perfect mix of running my life via app and via paper!

I’m sure I was born with a pencil and paper in my hand.

For the last few years, I have been:

  • Fulfilling a demanding role managing a game development studio (of over 25 people and across various countries and timezones)
  • Commuting 4 hours a day
  • Running my business
  • Going to the gym
  • Eating healthily


All whilst still finding plenty of time for weekends away, vacations and most importantly – spending time socializing and RELAXING!

Running my life like a well-oiled machine is the only way I can fit all this stuff in. 

That wasn’t always me, though. There was a time where I let work take priority. I let my health go. I was constantly putting myself under SO much pressure. I saw EVERYTHING as top priority and being a high achiever – I never let myself stop.

So much so that I burnt out.

Now, I balance.

I want to share my tried-and-true methods with you – the EXACT processes I use daily to run this crazy life without losing power, control or sanity.

With Your Productive Day you might just find yourself….

With more time on your hands

Being able to stop and take a break (whenever you wanted to) without things falling apart

Being able to work in harmony with your energy levels. Some days you’re a well oiled machine, other days you’re resting and relaxing – yet stuff is still getting DONE!

Making more money in your business. After all, the more you can focus on income generating activities instead of ‘busy-work’ – the more money you’ll make – right?

Processes and procedures that hold you in good stead (and that can run on autopilot) whether it be in your business or your personal life

Making and prioritizing time for YOU. To exercise, to eat healthily, to go to a class, to see your friends (or alternatively to NOT see your friends and hang out alone!) Quite simply you can make time to spend it however you please

Knowing exactly what to do and when – in order to go from DREAM to ACHIEVED!

Imagine what life would be like if you felt EMPOWERED again

Week 1

Introduction to the 4Q Technique

The secret to getting more stuff done in 60 minutes than most people do in a whole day

The number one rule you should follow if you want to achieve your goals

Week 2

Putting the 4Q Technique into action

Knowing exactly what to do and when to do it

Uncovering what you should delegate and what you should ditch!

Week 3

Supercharging your to do list and the secret to NEVER feeling like you’re running around in circles getting nothing done!

Access to the templates I use every day to ensure I’m the most productive person in the universe! (Hint: you can be too….)


The first 10 people to sign up get 2 months FREE Silver access to Autopilot Academy – your one stop shop for all things efficiency and productivity.

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“I would recommend you to anyone who wants to save time, eliminate stress and welcome more ease and flow into their workday (which is what we all really want, isn’t it!) Thank you!”

Hayley, Writer

“You understood my business, personality and personal preferences and came up with great, do-able solutions that I could incorporate. I have a new plan of attack and have found some new ‘toys’.”

Marama, Web Agency Founder

“You are a total star. Personable, funny, freakin smart and a total pro at what you do. It was like chatting with a friend over a wine, with “efficiency” benefits.”

Ellissa, Director

“Christina came to my rescue when I needed it the most. I was completely overwhelmed by the amount of work my business was generating when Christina saved me up with her project management and productivity tools and level headed advice. Christina is your girl when you want to get things done!”

Ritu, Meditation Teacher

This All Sounds Great But…

I'm too busy to spend time learning how to get organized!
This course will not take a whole bunch of time out of your day. Quite the opposite, in fact. It will show you HOW to use the time you’re already using, but in a more effective manner. The modules are short, sharp and to the point – and you’ll be able to implement straight away!
Will I become some kind of drone or nerd if I get myself organized? I really don't want to lose my creativity.
You 100% will not lose your creativity. As a matter of fact by taking this course, what you’ll learn are methods to automate and delegate all that stuff that detracts from your creativity so that you can spend more time on the things you really want to!
Gosh - how boring is a course on productivity and time management going to be?
I’m not one of those people that look like a stock photograph in a blue pinstriped suit, standing around pointing at a clock. I’ve got personality, quirks and am a bit too loud sometimes! My point being – this is all about making time management fun, easy an invaluable part of your life. No ‘boring-ness’ allowed.
Just how much time will I really save?
Everyone varies. How much time do you currently spend doing repetitive tasks? How about tasks you’re not good at? How about tasks you hate? How about mindless scrolling or time wasting? Add all that up and you’ll start getting an idea!

We are not currently open – get on the VIP Waiting List Now!

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